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Heating Sydney Theatre Companys Bar
Housed inside Sydney Theatre Company, in the historic Wharf building at Walsh Bay is ‘THE BAR at the end of the wharf’. The extremely high ceiling in the building creates a vast volume of space. A tricky predicament when it comes to heating in the cooler months. Celmec International’s Heatray gas fired Tube Radiant Heaters (TRH) were installed to provide a heating solution for the bar. Heatray TRH heaters have been engineered for high volume spaces, perfectly suited to the vast interior of  
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Funicular Restaurant, Tbilisi Georgia
Funicular Complex built in 1905, renovated in 1938 and functioning as a restaurant until the collapse of the Soviet Union has been closed for several years. Legendary restaurant on top of the mountain Mtatsminda is now open for visitors again. There are various cafes and restaurants to choose from and on the ground floor during colder months, guests can now enjoy their meal in comfort due to recently installed 50 x ERH1800 heaters, suspended from the  
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Arintji Restaurant located in Melbourne's Federation Square, faces exceptionally chilly breezes in winter and extreme heat during summer due to the mass of stonework within the square. Arintji recently installed 4 x CS40 umbrella systems with IRH-E heating for warmth to counter the chill, Celight lighting for night operation and Celmist cooling for the summer heat, along with weather protection accessories. The architect required two tone fabric on the umbrella membranes and Celmec provided  
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Skyroom New York City
The Skyroom at Times Square in New York City, offers the city's highest rooftop lounge. Set across two floors of the Sheraton and Suites by Marriott, the lounge boasts views of the Hudson River and Empire State Building. On the 34th floor deck, Heatray CS40 & CR45 Heated Umbrellas were recently installed to provide weather protection and heating. The system has been designed for frequent collapsibility and installation of window cleaning platforms suspended on multiple davits for high rise  
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