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BarCycle - Sydney


Walsh Bay, Sydney

Heatray ERH

On the waterfront suburb of Walsh Bay lays a café-come-bicycle shop, the aptly named BarCycle. Being positioned on the Sydney’s foreshore delivers the benefit of a beautiful backdrop and high foot traffic, and the downfall of cold winds coming off the harbour.

To make BarCycles’ outdoor space more usable when temperatures drop, four of Celmec’s Heatray Electric Radiant Heaters 1800W (ERH 1800) were installed, mounted to double tube ceiling suspension systems.

ERH units are slimline, non-glowing, highly efficient radiant heaters, designed and manufactured by Celmec in Melbourne, Australia. These units are water resistant, carrying an IPX5 rating, allowing outside installation and easy cleaning.

ERH produce a soft, comfortable radiant heat that warms objects and people. The ERH 1800 heats up to 3.5m2 in protected outdoor areas and up to 5m2 in indoor settings. All models are in full compliance with AS/ANZ, CE and UL approvals.

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