02 May 22
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Meet Celmec


Celmec HVAC Airflow Cooling heating Family owned
A family-owned and operated business for 2 generations. Pictured left-right: Tim Schilbach and Tom Schilbach.

Meet Celmec

Celmec have provided climate control solutions in Australia and around the globe for over 30 years. Proudly family owned and operated, we specialise in high-precision HVAC air control, heating and cooling equipment for commercial, industrial and hospitality applications.

We take great pride in our team, and they are by far our greatest asset. Our team of dedicated experts deliver premium products that set the standard for quality, efficiency and customer service. We support our team by providing them with ongoing initiatives and the best resources to build their expertise on ever-evolving systems and technologies.

Our ethos of ‘engineered excellence’ goes beyond the products we deliver and extends to our entire operation. From the initial project consultation to after-sales customer support, our internal approach consists of systematic improvements that is across all facets of our operations.

Providing the Celmec standard to everything we do, our team is committed to delivering the best performing climate control solutions, that are client focused and executed to the highest quality.

Our offerings span across four ranges: Aircontrol, Coolheat, Heatray, and Celmist.

Celmec Aircontrol HVAC Airflow


Meticulously engineered, Aircontrol features precise and individual adjustable VAV’s that allow for optimal control of airflow, and dampers to manage air supply and the spread of smoke and fire. These products are made to order according to specific requirements at our local manufacturing facility in Melbourne.


Celmec Coolheat HVAC Cooling


Coolheat provides high-performing gas-fired heating, evaporative cooling and ventilation systems. Crafted from premium materials and excellent construction, this product delivers reliable and efficiently conditioned air to commercial, institutional and industrial settings.


Celmec Heatray Electric Radiant Heaters


Heatray showcases the diligence behind the engineering of Celmec’s products. These radiant heaters are highly responsive and allow for customisable heating and weather protection systems applicable to both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Celmec Celmist evaporative mist cooling systems


Celmist is an ideal solution to provide balmy cool comfort in outdoor settings or to maximise energy efficiency by pre-cooling commercial HVAC refrigeration systems. This product allows for a reduction in operational costs and water usage as the primary focus is on an efficient control system.


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