Our Environmental Approach

We are committed to continually reduce our impact on the environment, as well as assisting our staff and community to reduce their collective impacts beyond our operations.

Celmec environmental approach

Sustainable Ethos

Our environmental approach very much follows our overall company ethos to be precise and efficient, and always strive for improvement. Accordingly, we have undertaken significant energy and material saving initiatives in our operations, optimised our product design and identified key areas where we can make future improvements to continue to minimise our environmental impact.

Celmec manufacturing

Our Air Control products control airflow in commercial HVAC systems to facilitate precise and localised temperature control, accommodating varying heat loads in different zones. As a result, they play an integral role in achieving maximum efficiency and performance for the whole system, which is substantial when one considers the energy required to heat or cool large commercial spaces.

Celmec aircontrol products

Our Products and Solutions

  • Our air control products are methodically engineered for optimal performance to minimise energy loss and maximise efficiency.
  • Our climate control and heating solutions are tailored to specific project requirements to achieve the most efficient outcome.
  • Utilise low carbon materials such as thermally bonded polyester fibre acoustic insulation made from up to 80% recycled plastic and which is 100% recyclable.  

Our Internal Operations

  • Highly precise manufacturing to minimise waste.
  • Thorough internal procedures to recycle material waste.
  • 30kW PV solar system provides up to 50% of our operational energy requirements.
  • All office and manufacturing lighting upgraded to LED’s to achieve a 67% energy saving.
  • Sensor activated lighting so used only when required.
  • Zoned office climate control reduces wasted energy.
  • Solar responsive external shading reduces the air conditioning heat load by more than 60%.
Celmec warehouse and manufacturing