Advanced Manufacturing

We have invested substantially in our manufacturing facility with the introduction of CNC Turret Punching, CNC Press Brake Folding, our purpose built Multi Station Punching and Electrical Processing station, amongst other automation and processing equipment. This enables the production of high quality, high precision product at an affordable cost, most of which could not be achieved through manual processing.

LVD Machinery

Our Manufacturing Advantages

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Minimal material waste through smart programming
  • Highly precise punching, cutting and folding tolerances to ±0.05mm
  • Significant manufacturing flexibility
  • Enables solutions to complex design
  • Supports in-house design and programming
Celmec - Machinist
Our Technical Expertise
  • Professional engineering personnel
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable sales team
  • Full in-house system design and engineering
  • Qualified trades and highly skilled manufacturing team
  • High tech. manufacturing, CNC operations and automation
  • In house IT management and CAD programming
  • Ongoing R&D and product development
  • 40+ years’ expertise
  • Ongoing, dedicated QC systems
  • Automated processing from order to finished goods
  • HVAC Product innovators
  • Product testing and accreditation to the highest
  • BIM-MEP (Aircontrol products) VAV, VD & FD
  • Industry involvement in education and technical support
Using machinery

Our Supply Chain

More than 90% of the components and materials utilised by Celmec are sourced from Australian manufacturers. Highly specialized items and machines that are unavailable from local manufacturers are sourced from a select global supply chain including France, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, China, Thailand and USA.

Celmec Warehouse