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Momo Bar - Sydney

Momo Bar

Sydney, Australia

IRH-E 3200

In a laneway off Manly’s famous Corso is Momo Bar, a dumpling and Poke bar that has recently installed one of Celmec’s Heatray new IRH-E 3200 units. The IRH-E 3200 was installed to make the outdoor dining area more usable during winter. The unit was chosen specifically for its ability to heat large spaces efficiently and for its ability to reach maximum operating temperature quickly.

The Heatray IRH-E 3200 utilises the same technology that has made the 1500, 2000, and 2400-watt IRH-E units so popular. The new heater utilises ULG elements, a stainless steel internal reflector, and a high quality marine-grade aluminium body that is available in frosted silver and black. The IRH-E 3200 also complies with all relevant Australian regulations.

The IRH-E 3200 makes use of a remote control allowing choice between 6 heat settings, for complete control over heat output. With a range of wall and ceiling mount options, the IP65 rated IRH-E 3200 is perfect for outdoor spaces or large indoor areas that are challenging to heat.

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