RMIT Swanston Academic Building

Cutting edge architecture houses learning spaces with the latest technology along with a strong commitment to sustainability with a        5-star green rating accreditation.

Complementing this future focused facility, Celmec's Aircontrol products provide this significant research & education centre with optimal control of air flow to achieve comfort in highly populated spaces and areas exposed to transient variable heat loads.

In addition, Celmec’s energy saving heating solution, with Gas-fired Infrared Radiant Heaters [IRH-G’s] and Tube Radiant Heaters [TRH’s], provides a combination of low, medium and high intensity radiant heat for maximum comfort in the building’s projecting outdoor spaces.

Products Used
Air Volume & Smoke Dampers
Infrared Radiant Heaters – Gas
Tube Radiant Heaters
Variable Air Volume Terminal Unit
Melbourne, Australia
Project classification