Meticulous engineering

Precise and individually adjustable VAV’s to provide optimal control of air flow, and Dampers to manage air supply and the spread of smoke and fire.

spiral duct usage


High performance gas-fired heating, evaporative cooling and ventilation systems, to supply reliable and efficiently conditioned air to commercial and industrial spaces.

heatray umbrellas at sydney harbour

Intelligent. Customised. Energy Efficient.

Aesthetically refined and methodically engineered radiant heaters deliver the superior comfort of soft radiant warmth or more prominent infrared intensity. Highly responsive, customisable heating and weather protection systems for indoor and outdoor settings.

Celmist - Celmec

Refined, controlled comfort.

Precisely engineered evaporative mist cooling systems that naturally extract heat from the air. Ideal for providing balmy cool comfort in outdoor settings or maximising energy efficiency by pre-cooling commercial HVAC refrigeration systems.