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Celmec Heating & Cooling Products Brochure
Celmec Heatray Product Range
Celmec International produces a wide range of Heatray heating products for industrial, commercial & hospitality installations.
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heated umbrellas
Heated Umbrellas
Commercial grade shade umbrellas with a range of weather control accessories including heating, wind and rain protection.
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electric radiant heaters
Electric Radiant Heaters
Slimline, non-glowing panel heaters, with an IPX5 waterproof rating. Provides soft radiant warmth for low ceiling applications indoors or outdoors.
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electric infrared heaters
Electric Infrared Heaters
High intensity heaters which stand up to tough outdoor environments with an IP65 waterproof rating. Create instant heat for medium to high ceiling applications indoors or outdoors.
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infrared gas heaters
Infrared Gas Heaters
With ceramic burner technology, the heaters provide high intensity heat. Suitable for well ventilated, covered areas, with ceiling heights above 3.2m indoors or outdoors.
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gas patio heaters
Gas Patio Heaters
Portable gas heaters with an upright unidirectional head. Provide high intensity heat for well ventilated, covered areas.
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gas tube radiant heaters
Gas Tube Radiant Heaters
Large, non-glowing tube heaters. Provides comfortable warmth for large floor areas with high ceilings both indoors and out.
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heat cool vent systems
HCV Systems
Gas fired heating, evaporative cooling and ventilation systems. Featuring fresh air and return air damper control options.
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warm air heating
WarmAir Heating
Gas fired heating solutions, including; indoor duct heaters, outdoor duct heaters and fan assisted unit heaters.
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evaporative cooling
Evaporative Cooling
Range of evaporative coolers for small to very large installations.
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water source heat pumps
Water Source Heat Pumps
For HVAC systems which employ water, rather than air, to move energy around a building.
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variable air volume terminal units
VAV Terminal Units
Variable Air Volume Terminal Units, for controlling space temperature inside different zones of a building, by varying the supply air volume. Range of systems and controllers.
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volume dampers
Volume Dampers
For the control of airflow in air-conditioning and ventilation systems, including; central plant air control, smoke control, laboratory, non-return and retrofit dampers.
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fire dampers
Fire Dampers
To impede the spread of fire and/or combustible products. Suitable for air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems in commercial buildings.
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intumescent dampers
Intumescent Dampers
A type of fire damper, which unlike mechanical fire dampers, is operated by heat activation of the intumescent material and forming a solid barrier to fire.
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spiral duct
Spiral Duct
HVAC ductwork in both round and flat oval, which is airtight. Suitable for restricted space or where exposed ducting will be applied and aesthetics are a consideration.
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celmist cooling umbrellas
Cooled Umbrellas
Commercial grade shade umbrellas with a range of weather control accessories including evaporative cooling, wind and rain protection.
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celmist evaporative cooling
Evaporative Cooling
Evaporative mist cooling naturally extracting heat from the air, and humidification solutions.
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