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VAV Terminal Unit Systems

Variable Air Volume Terminal Units (VAV), are systems designed to control space temperature inside a zone by varying the supply air volume. Variable Air Volume (VAV) control is recognised as being the most energy efficient, flexible and cost effective means to air-conditioning high rise office buildings, hospitals and institutional facilities. Further VAV systems can be an important component to helping achieve green star ratings.

Celmec provides a number of Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems to cater for specific environments such as perimeter zones, internal zones, meeting rooms, individual office areas and more. Further the VAV systems have room sensor controllers, air velocity sensors, full shut off facility, solid state relays for electric reheat control, and VAV fan speed controllers. All these features ensure Celmec's comprehensive range of VAV Terminal Units will satisfy all design requirements.

Energy Efficiency & Performance Features

Celmec leads the industry with Variable Air Volume Terminal Unit Systems that ensure efficiency and performance. Key features:

  • The heart of the system is Celmec's patented Aerofoil Control Valve, ensuring non-turbulent airflow.

  • Due to the Aerodynamic nature of the valve, low resistance to airflow permits more efficient use of
  • fan energy.

  • The Aerofoil valve has near to linear response capability which ensures operational efficiency without
  • compromising comfort.

  • The valve produces laminar flow patterns in any position which ensures even air distribution across any
  • down stream equipment such as HHW coils.

  • Due to Non Turbulent performance the valve does not generate low to mid frequency noise, which can be
  • wasteful and costly to treat.

  • Casing design is of thermally insulated Twin Skin galvabond steel construction to ensure, minimal leakage,
  • minimal cold tracking and high thermal & acoustic performance.

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