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Celmec Volume Dampers

Volume Dampers are primarily designed to control airflow in central plant air-conditioning systems, ventilation systems and industrial process applications. Dampers perform important functions, such as energy conservation in the case of central plant economy cycles, they can be life saving by preventing the spreading of smoke throughout a building, through to bacterial control in a laboratory or hospital environment. Consequently volume dampers require special attention to detail. Celmec manufactures a comprehensive range of opposed blade volume dampers to satisfy the above and specific design requirements:

  • Motorised central plant fresh air and return aircontrol dampers.
  • Smoke Control dampers
  • Manual Balancing damper
  • Retrofit duct dampers
  • Laboratory dampers
  • Non Return dampers

    Energy & Performance Considerations

    Celmec Volume Dampers are tried and proven for over two decades, being pre-engineered to meet specific air pressures and leakage rate specifications.

    Modular Design
    Celmec Dampers can be supplied to satisfy almost any size and configuration. Should the overall size be difficult to manage the damper can be installed on site in pre-assembled modular sections.

  • Operating pressures of up to 1500Pa.
  • Precise linkage and opposed blade configuration to provide accurate setting and tight shut-off.
  • Blade tip seals to minimize air leakage.
  • Side frame seals and top & Bottom seals to further reduce leakage.
  • High temperature components in the case of Smoke Dampers.
  • Precision Seals and casing leakage protection in the case of Laboratory Dampers.
  • Non corroding, synthetic bush type bearings.
  • Hexagonal bare shaft or lockable quadrant for manual setting.

    Celmec Volume Dampers are manufactured from marine grade extruded aluminium with inherent advantages in performance, lightweight, strength, and resistance to corrosion. The frames are also designed to be compatible with proprietary industry frame flanges.

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