ERH Mounting Options

Mounting Options

Heatray ERH heaters can be ceiling or wall mounted, as well as incorporated into structures such as pergolas and umbrellas. The heaters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Ceiling/Wall Mount Brackets

ERH heaters can be mounted using U-shaped 'Ceiling/Wall Brackets'. These are available in a number of sizes; 80mm, 140mm, 250mm and 400mm.
Ceiling Recess Unit

For areas where the ceiling is at the appropriate height, ERH heaters can be mounted flush with the ceiling using 'Ceiling Recess Units'.
Ceiling Tube Suspension

When a ceiling is quite high, ERH heaters will need to be dropped to the optimal mounting height using 'Ceiling Tube Suspension' (standard length 900mm).
Ceiling Double Tube Suspension

For ERH heaters to be grouped into pairs, 'Ceiling Double Tube Suspension' allows the heaters to be mounted at the optimal mounting height (standard length 900mm).
Ceiling Chain Suspension

An alternative for mounting ERH heaters from high ceilings is the 'Ceiling Chain Suspension' (standard length 900mm).
Integration with Heatray Umbrellas

ERH heaters can be integrated with the range of Heatray Heated Umbrellas, to combine overhead protection and warmth.