heated umbrellas accessories


Weather protection is an essential requirement for any outdoor area. The emphasis of Celmec's Accessories is on creating all-year weather protection, total comfort and commercial appeal.

Appropriate weather protection does more than just enhance customer comfort. It also contributes to a cleaner environment by conserving energy usage by the heaters and just as importantly, pays for itself in a very short period by reducing running costs by up to 80%.

Soft Radiant Heating Soft Radiant Heating
Heatray non-glowing ERH Panels have been finely tuned to provide a comfortable and highly efficient radiant energy level, similar to the heat generated by the sun, which is absorbed directly by people and objects.
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Stronger Radiant Heating Stronger Radiant Heating
Heatray glowing IRH electric heaters provide heating for applications which are more exposed to the elements. They produce radiant energy which is directly absorbed by people and objects.
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Lighting Lighting
Celight lighting is incorporated onto the arm of the umbrellas and shines up toward the canopy rather than downward into patrons eyes. This creates a warm light.
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Linked Structures Linked Structures
A link gutter system enables the joining of umbrellas to facilitate water protection on a large scale.
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Extended Overhead Coverage Extended Overhead Coverage
Extend the overall effective covered area with Roof Infills, which cover the gaps along the umbrella edge. Available in clear, or a range of colours.
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Control Rain Water Run-off Control Rain Water Run-off
Unique fabric gutters cleverly control rain water. Catch rain and redistribute to garden beds, or pipe to drains.
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Create Wind Protection Create Wind Protection
Side covers and doors offer complete wind protection, featuring zippers and a tight seal at ground level.
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Minimise Glare Minimise Glare
Reduce direct sunlight with sun screen, available in a range of colours.
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